With a sole objective to empower the professionals with the "Knowledge" required for this segment of water & waste water management, EA Water proudly announce the training on ''ETP-STP Design, Operation & Maintenance Waste Water Reuse-Recycling" on 12- 13 October 2017, Mumbai.

The objective of the workshop is to focus on the basics and case studies of selected installations and thereby equip the participant with a knowledge base & the skills that will him to refine the existing practices and apply best management practices.

bullet Treatment process identification bullet Gain knowledge on Water & Waste water subject.
bullet The sequencing of unit operations and design criteria bullet Get updated on technological advancements in the water domain.
bullet Unit operations and design for final rejects in a true ZLD bullet Interact with leading experts in the field.
bullet Prospects of saving on footprint as opposed to future expansion bullet Network with the "Who's Who" in the water industry.
bullet Formulation of simple and- purposeful tender documents bullet Expand your reach by meeting people who matter for relevant segments.
bullet Understanding the basic thumb rules of design & operation of ETP/STP bullet Consult professional to get the right advise to all your water related troubles.
bullet Up gradation of existing operating plants bullet Check out product demonstrations and displays.
bullet Monitoring plant performance    
bullet Sludge management etc.    
Topics to be covered
  DAY 1   DAY 2
bullet Industrial / Institutional Water Conservation : Understanding Water Footprint bullet Concept & application of water reuse & recycle
bullet Water conservation and practices for industrial/commercial users bullet Tertiary treatment – filtration, disinfection, UF, RO
bullet Basic understanding of Waste water terminologies definition of frequently used terms bullet Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) – evaporators
bullet Logic of WWTP, STP & ETP design, installation bullet Blowers, aerators, mixers flocculation chamber, Settling devices
bullet Detailed session on Pre-Treatment processes - Screening, Equalization, Chemical Treatment, Settling Systems bullet Sludge management
bullet Detailed session on treatment processes - Activated sludge process bullet Upgradation of existing operating plants
bullet New technologies in Water & Waste Water Management, MBR, SBR & MBBR bullet Monitoring plant performance
bullet Nitrification & Denitrification    
bullet Anaerobic treatment processes    

Mr.Yogen Parikh during his illustrious career has held many important positions including as First Director for US AEP project of US Government. He retired as Associate Director – Environmental Engineering from Jacobs Engineering India Pvt. Limited. Jacobs is among top three engineering consultancy firms in the world. He has a Chemical Engineering Degree from USA. Mr. Parikh a President of Indian Environmental Association, Past Chairman of Environment, Health and Safety Committee of Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry and member of many professional organizations.

He has more than 40 years experience in all areas of Environmental Engineering including Environmental Impact Assessments, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Air Pollution Control, Solid Waste Management, Water Distribution & Sewage Collection Networks, Sewage Treatment, Hazardous Waste Management, Risk Assessments, Environmental Audits, etc. With his rich experience in design and engineering of Effluent Treatment Plants, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies as well as Environmental Audits & Due Diligence, he is considered as one of the leaders in environmental consultancy. He has successfully conducted 50 training programs and trained more than 500+ people across the world with E A Water.

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