Smart Cities
  • The Government of India has envisioned the concept of building 100 Smart Cities in the country. These are expected to provide better infrastructure, better connectivity and better quality of life to its inhabitants. A smart city must also be "smart in its water usage".
  • A total investment of Rs. 50,802 crore has been proposed in the selected smart cities and towns during the 5-year period. How does smartness touch users in connection to water usage? The most basic avenue lies in water conservation and saving. Aspects of water conservation, reuse, and demand management have to be key elements of any smart city. Using sensors and controllers, one can detect water wastages, and take corrective actions in real time.
  • Modelling of consumption patterns can help in better estimation and allocation of water resources. Data analysis can be done more intuitively, and improvements can be made in preventive maintenance.
  • As per Indian government, 'smart water solutions' coming under smart city projects are: Smart Meters and Management, Leakage Identification, Preventive Maintenance, and Water Quality Monitoring. There is a huge need and opportunity for instrumentation and monitoring technologies. Analytics and communication management between various devices and interfaces will be the other critical component of a smart city.
  • Providing smart solutions to users to detect contaminants and to measure water quality levels would provide immense power to the consumers. All cities consume large quantities of energy in transporting and treating water. Smartness lies in conserving energy and in recovering energy.
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