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The 16th EverythingAboutWater Expo & Conclave is hosted by EverythingAboutWater - India's leading knowledge and marketing solutions provider in the area of water and waste water management.

EverythingAboutWater Expo and Conclave -2019 is the 16th edition of the flagship event of the bustling Indian Water & Wastewater Industry and is a must-attend one in this part of the globe. Welcoming the world to New Delhi from 29 - 31 August, 2019 the event covers the entire scope of the water and wastewater industry, as well as related sectors.

With a vision of sharing knowledge and wisdom on better water & wastewater management to attain sustainability, the Conclave has been successful in providing a multi-dimensional platform that brings together policy developers, scientists, consultants, environmentalists, researchers, NGO's, indigenous and community organizations and business and industry representatives from around the world. The aim is to share knowledge, learn from others and collaborate on innovative ideas to improve water & wastewater management.

The 2019 conference program will include internationally renowned keynote speakers encompassing experiences, challenges and solutions from around the world. The Conclave is structured into 4 conference sessions and 2 days training programs, spread over two days, focusing on specific themes, besides the inaugural and valedictory session.



The objective of the first day conference will be to put forth the global practices in water & wastewater management, water efficiency, and water treatment. Bringing together experts and companies from across the world, The Global Experts Forum will present some of the best practices, latest technological developments and case studies from countries like Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Israel, etc.

This sessions is specifically designed to provide a perfect platform to share knowledge and experiences between International researchers, executives, decision and policy makers, private sector, and other stakeholders, on the innovations and technologies which could be viable for the Indian water sector, improving water efficiency and water treatment.


  • Global water-tech and lessons to learn: The latest technologies & case studies on desalination, water treatment and innovations
  • Smart water solutions for smart cities
  • "Smart" & " sustainable" technologies for water & waste water management
  • Innovative practices and new technologies in Managing water and wastewater


With the gap between sewage generation, waste water etc. and their treatment widening, it becomes all the more imperative for the Govt. and the industries to switch to innovative technologies that have recently emerged and been successfully applied at various sites in different countries. This conference aims to study the complexities & problems in the wastewater treatment faced by Municipalities & Industries and discuss new innovations & the benefits they bring.

The wastewater treatment plants to be developed in future will have to be made on three pillars of energy self-sufficiency, economic viability and environmental sustainability and with stricter norms and regulations coming into place regarding waste water discharge, the pressure to reduce the footprint from waste water is now becoming a critical agenda. All these issues will be discussed during the conference.

  • Industrial wastewater treatment: problems, trends and solution
  • Energy & cost efficient water and wastewater management
  • Innovative solutions for water reuse & recycling
  • Sewage and wastewater management systems for utilities
  • Digital future for water utilities in India, efficient models & smart water network



Municipal water forum will provide the platform to water professionals, municipalities and government bodies to exchange insights, ideas and shape transformative actions for municipal water management. This session will highlight innovations and solutions that are making a positive impact in municipalities.

The sessions are intended to present and discuss the latest developments, technologies, techniques and applications of best practices in municipal water & wastewater management. This session will help participants to explore partnership opportunities with state / municipal corporations, and other governmental agencies and network with potential end-users & showcase their capabilities, strengths & success stories and share experiences of turnkey projects.


  • Community water supply, drinking water and sanitation
  • Augmentation of water supply, safety & security
  • Non revenue water, leakage and pressure management
  • Sewage and wastewater management systems for utilities
  • Digital future for water utilities in India, efficient models & smart water network





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