Evoqua Offers Constant Digital Control With New DCR Power Controllers


USA: Evoqua Water Technologies has launched new power control technology, which enables users to optimize performance of their Ionpure® Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) modules.

Microprocessor-controlled Digital Communication Rectifiers (DCR) from Ionpure Products deliver power to the modules under constant control, promoting optimum performance, energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The standardized, DIN rail-mounted design offers system builders and end users a simplified, highly reliable control solution, which can power the full range of Ionpure MX, LX and VNX CEDI modules, plus NEXED™ Electrodialysis modules. DCRs can operate in multiples from a single power transformer, simplifying system installation.

A powerful onboard processor handles digital communications with remote, or in-situ interfaces using true MODBUS® RTU protocol, or 4-20 mA signals. This enables easy link-up between the power controller and an existing PLC/HMI, or a dedicated touch panel display.

To cater for analogue controller users with earlier generation PCB power board, or G2 equipment, a Retrofit DCR rectifier is also launched, offering protection against much higher transient voltages and higher efficiency in a plug-and-play replacement.

The new DCR power controllers are designed and manufactured in the USA and a full list of features and specification data is provided at www.ionpure.com.

The Ionpure brand is synonymous with sustainable, post-RO electrochemical solutions for industrial, power generation, pharmaceutical, high purity, and rejects water recovery. The new enhanced performance VNX and LX modules continue the Ionpure Products tradition of continual improvement to retain leadership in water purification technology.

About Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua Water Technologies is the global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers to protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource: water. Evoqua has a more than 100 year heritage of innovation and industry firsts, market-leading expertise, and unmatched customer service, where it continues to transform water and wastewater. Its cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water, enable regulatory and environmental compliance, increase efficiency through water reuse, and prepare customers for next-generation demands. Evoqua’s unparalleled portfolio of proven brands, advanced technologies, mobile and emergency water supply solutions and service helps cities across the world provide and discharge clean water, and enable leisure and commercial industry to maximize productivity and profitability.

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