Jamnagar Municipal Corporation Adopts Smart Water Management System


GUJARAT, INDIA: Jamnagar Municipal Corporation has now got a hi-tech Smart Water Management System in the city. The newly installed Water Management system is called Smart Water Management System (SWMS) and aims to provide Quality Auditing in public drinking water systems. As per the new processes the city will have a centralized monitoring of water distribution via Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) which is a control system architecture that uses computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervision of water within the city. Currently, the city is having an area of 25 sq. km and it supplies water to the city as well as almost equal additional area in the surroundings including all the three Units of Defense viz. Air Force, Navy and Military.

SWMS aims to provide Quality Auditing in Public Drinking Water Systems and the scope of work of the new system is:

  • Accountability of every drop of water up to the reservoir
  • Quality parameters at the reservoir level during filling and distribution timing.
  • To monitor and control water overflows
  • Optimizations of distribution timings and save water.

The present supply of water to Jamnagar city is around 92-95 MLD and is entirely dependent on Jamnagar Municipal Corporation for their water supply needs. The city is developing fast in all the sectors including industries, trades and ports. Jamnagar Municipal Corporation is operating and maintaining the existing assets which include the transmission and distribution system, flow meters and computerized system, for ensuring equitable water distribution in Jamnagar.

The World Bank has estimated the total cost of Non Revenue Water (NRW) to utilities worldwide at USD 14 billion per year. By reducing the current levels of losses in developing countries to half, where relative losses are highest, could generate an estimated USD 2.9 billion in cash and serve an additional 90 million people

Sajiv Nath, Endress+Hauser (India) says, "We have reduced the water wastage through our innovative technology to conserve water in India. The city has got Endress+Hauser's highest accuracy flow measurement technology with a much higher precision and accuracy as compared to traditional measuring methods. In a tough time like this when water is scarce in Jamnagar our measurement devices helps save water, this gives us both satisfaction and pride that we are contributing to the people of India because we strongly believe every drop of water counts and if we can reduce water losses we will contribute to the betterment of the society. The company has been associated with similar projects in the states of Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh.”

Talking to EverythingAboutWater about this update on Jamnagar project, Sajiv Nath says, "Endress+Hauser is in the process of expansion given the Government's Make In India and Smart Cities Mission. Our existing body of work and experience in water and energy management will allow us to work seamlessly with civic bodies to make these projects more efficient. The company has been working with different states and municipal corporations in the area of waste water management and conserve energy management services is currently managing many projects with the partners. The installation at Jamnagar is setting up a benchmark in innovation in saving water".

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