Articles on Water Treatment

Globalized Nature of Desalination
With increasing demand for good water and all other water sources depleting, the desalination sector has been growing rapidly in the last decade. Over 97% of the total water on earth comes from the seas and oceans. Clearly it makes great obvious sense to use this water. read more

The World of Filtration
In most water treatment plants, filtration gets used as an important pre-treatment element. Protecting other sophisticated water treatment processes such as demineralization and reverse osmosis, a robust and long-term read more

Millennium Development Goals
"Clean water has become scarce and will become even scarcer with the onset of climate change. And the poor continue to suffer first and most from pollution, water shortages, and from the lack of adequate sanitation." - United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on World Water Day, March 22, 2010 read more

A stitch in time
Good instrumentation is a necessity. It is worth every penny to see that plants are built and operated for the parameters on which they have been designed. Sound instrumentation and control would ensure that there is no deviation in both input and output parameters, thus increasing the life of the plant. read more

Online Instrumentation: Luxury Accessory or Beneficial Tool?
By Dr. Heidrun Tippe
Online instrumentation has already become an important part in the water and wastewater treatment. read more